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Murphy's Safety Songs
by Tim Young

An interactive book and audio CD
package that teaches dog care
and safety in a fun and
memorable way.
This award-winning book combines
full-color illustrations with
unforgettable lyrics and catchy music.
We even have a special safety tips
section for parents, making this
an invaluable resource for the entire family!
Murphy's Safety Songs

Champion Sleeper!
by Tim Young

The everyday tales of a narcoleptic
Basset Hound named “Champ,”
and the family that he watches over.
Champ just can't help falling asleep
wherever and whenever the mood
strikes him, and his loving family
would not have it any other way…
Champion Sleeper! on Amazon


PBS Kids

PBS Kids Go!



Whether we're known as cubs, tadpoles, kittens, grubs, pups, fawns, newts or calves, we're all kids at some point in our lives.

We start small in every way, then usually grow bigger and learn more.  Then we become adults and can usually care for ourselves without so much help from our parents.

Did you know that humans are the slowest of all mammals to reach independence?   Did you know that giraffes can stand up and walk just a few hours after they're born?   Not so for us humans.  It's not that we're any less intelligent than giraffes, but that's just how we're all made.

We can learn alot from our animal friends, and we can also learn from the ones who aren't so friendly!


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  Suggested Resources

The inimitable Boston Terrier, Murphy, and Tim Young,
author of Murphy's Safety Songs

Books From TFN Publishers
A New Owner’s Guide to Training the Perfect Puppy
by Andrew De Prisco
ISBN: 0793827582
Hardcover, 160 pp.

Puppies For Those Who Care
by Dennis Kelsey-Wood
ISBN: 0793813816
Softcover, 32 pp.

Housebreaking and Training Your New Puppy
by Michael Kelly
ISBN: 0866226192
Softcover, 64 pp.

Housebreaking and Training Puppies
by J. R. Gardner
ISBN: 0793801079
Hardcover, 64 pp.

by Gabrielle Forbush
ISBN: 0866227075
Hardcover, 96 pp.


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