A Resource Guide For Our
Human & Animal Friends

Arfriend is a charitable and educational 501(c)(3) non profit corporation benefiting
both humans and animals.
  We are dedicated to raising awareness and sharing
comfort, kindness, healing, teaching and acceptance with each other.
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      P.A.N.T. (Pets Are Neighbors Too)



We're so much cuter
when we...


Spay and Neuter!






The Arfriend
P.A.N.T. Page is dedicated to
the Founder and First Editor of the West Hollywood West Pet Page, Molly

Download a copy of the P.A.N.T. Pledge


Arfriend dedicates the production of to the welfare of all living beings.
May they each always experience the causes of happiness.
May they each never experience the causes of suffering.

All Creatures Great and Small